Are you puking thoughts at people or sharing messages with people?

There’s a reason you’re not getting through to people.

Your members.
Your customers.
Your associates.
Your volunteers.
Your employees.
Your congregants.
Your constituency.

IN SHORT: The people you serve on a daily basis.

Have you been wondering why nothing you say seems to stick?

HERE’S ONE REASON: You’re not packaging your thoughts into messages.

That’s the secret to both listenability and retainability. And the first step is to identify the difference between thoughts and messages. Here’s a helpful comparison:

A thought is local; a message is global.
A thought is a noun; a message is a verb.
A thought is the grist; a message is the gist.
A thought is edible; a message is digestible.
A thought is limited; a message is universal.
A thought is internal; a message is outgoing.

Which one are you delivering to people?

A thought is inaccessible; a message is relatable.
A thought has a limited shelf life; a message lasts forever.
A thought is raw material; a message is a polished product.
A thought is heard by the ears; a message is heeded by the heart.
A thought raises an important point; a message injects an important point.
A thought is a function of cognition; a message is a function of packaging.

Which one are you delivering to people?

A thought is the intellectual activity; a message is the interactional activity.
A thought can be understood eventually; a message can be repeated instantly.
A thought is is an informal inspiration; a message is an official communication.
A thought is something you conjure; a message is something you communicate.
A thought comes from your feelings; a message taps into other people’s feelings.

Which one are you delivering to people?

A thought raises a wall between people; a message builds a bridge connecting people.
A thought is a product of mental activity; a message is a product of spiritual creativity.
A thought drowns in the clutter of cognition; a message thrives in the economy of words.
A thought it a thing you conceive of in the mind; a message is a communication you send via messenger.

Which one are you delivering to people?

REMEMBER: If nothing seems to get through to people, don’t blame them.

Start by looking in the mirror.

Are you puking thoughts at people or sharing messages with people?

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