17 Ways to Out-Create Your Competition

1. Are you allowing yourself to create? It begins with permission. Returning to your childhood. As my friends Kim & Jason say, “Escape Adulthood!” Be a kid.

2. Are you creating from the soul or from what the marketplace wants? One of them makes you money; the other makes you happy. Take your pick. Don’t prostitute art.

3. Are you letting anybody murder your creative nature? Don’t. Tell those people to piss off. They’re clearly jealous, intimidated or insecure. Creativity is YOURS.

4. Are you letting your creativity shine? Why not? Creativity earns money.

5. Are you mining your creative territory? Why not? Creativity changes lives.

6. Have you exercised your creative spirit? Why not? Creativity wins customers.

7. Have you learned the skills that enable creativity? Not “inherent ability,” but skills. You CAN learn this stuff. Just read Mihaly and DeBono and Cameron. Everybody is creative.

8. Did you create any art today? It doesn’t have to be good, is just has to BE. Process, not product.

9. How are you expanding your creative consciousness? That means practicing it. That means reading books about it. Creativity requires practice.

10. How are you making an effort to have a beautiful mind? It lasts forever. No matter how handsome or pretty you are, nothing beats a nice, big, juicy, beautiful brain. Yep. Seek to become a Smokin’ Hot Piece of Brain Candy. Get smarter today.

11. How are you resisting or suppressing the creativity of others? How dare you. How DARE you.

12. How can you creatively combine what you already have to make new things? That’s all creativity really is. Listening, then combining.

13. How creative is the atmosphere you’re working in? If the answer is, “Not enough,” get a new job. It’s not worth it. Creativity isn’t optional.

14. How many books have you read on creativity? Really? That’s it? Read some more.

15. How many classes have you taken on creativity? None. I’m gonna bet none. Right? Stop watching TV.

16. What are the most creative things you’ve done? Make a list. Then repeat often.

17. What are you doing to set your creativity on FIRE right now? It doesn’t matter. As long as you take that fire and inflame the people you serve. Customers like fire.

How are you using your creativity to beat the competition?

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