What It Feels Like to be Heartstrong

I was born on Valentine’s Day.

Which, to some people, isn’t a big deal. It’s just another day.

But throughout my life, I’ve always felt there was some sort of cosmic significance to that particular date. Like it had something to do with who I was, at my core.

I never really gave it much thought.

Until recently.

I realized that, based on my disposition – based on my personal constitution as a human being – I couldn’t have been born on a more perfect day.

My name is Scott, and I am heartstrong.

THE COOL PART IS: You don’t have to share the same birthday to embody the same philosophy.

Anyone can be heartstrong.

Here’s what it feels like:Heartstrong people defy gravity.
Are you willing to overcome the forces trying to weigh you down?

Heartstrong people break the mold.
Are you willing to question the constitution of the walls that enclose you?

Heartstrong people know their truth.
Are you willing to remember who you are?

Heartstrong people follow their heart.
Are you willing to tear yourself away from the safe harbor of certainty?

Heartstrong people go their own way.
Do you have the courage to follow your inner guide even if you look like an idiot and risk alienating those who don’t understand?

Heartstrong people do their own thing.
Are you willing to step out and expose your dream to the light?

Heartstrong people televise their values.
Are you willing to stay loyal to yourself?

Heartstrong people do their own thinking.
Are you willing to turn off the television and formulate your own opinion of the world?

Heartstrong people slay their inner editor.
Are you willing to live without interference to the expression of your individuality?

Heartstrong people set healthy boundaries.
Are you willing to put yourself at the top of your own list?

Heartstrong people give their river a voice.
Are you willing to bring all of yourself to everything you do?

Heartstrong people play by their own rules.
Are you wiling to become the exception to as many rules as possible?

Heartstrong people commit to what matters.
Are you willing to communicate to the world that you’re fully committed?

Heartstrong people don’t wait for permission.
Are you asking who’s going to let you or wondering who’s going to stop you?

Heartstrong people take the road less traveled.
Are you willing to work without a map?

Heartstrong people advocate against normality.
Are you willing to wage a war against mediocrity?

Heartstrong people walk where there is no path.
Are you willing to leave a bloody trail?

Heartstrong people are their own authority figure.
Are you willing to eschew the judgments of others and do what makes you happy?

Heartstrong people crush the confines of convention.
Are you willing to become the person you were before the world made you into what it wanted you to be?

Heartstrong people inject soul into whatever they do.
Are you willing to bring your humanity to the moment?

Heartstrong people voluntarily opt out of the mainstream.
Are you waiting around to be picked or picking yourself?

THE GOOD NEWS IS: Being heartstrong is an inspiring, attractive and memorable way to live your life.

Even if you’re not born on Valentine’s Day.

Are you spending your time measuring or mattering?

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