Responding to Mediocrity with Maturity

Too often, mediocrity rises to the top.

I watch marginally talented people get fame they didn’t
deserve, land gigs they didn’t earn, make money they didn’t work for and achieve
success they didn’t sweat for.

Meanwhile, I’m hustling my ass off, doing legitimately great
work, work that actually improves humanity’s future, and the marketplace yawns at
my efforts while greatness passes the world by like a fart in the wind.

Why, why, why does this happen?

I asked Sarah Robinson to weigh in. She had a few ideas.

One, because mediocrity is safe. It preserves the status quo. And it prevents people from
taking risks that scare them. Two, because mediocrity is relatable. It’s something people see their reflection in. And it
makes it easier to justify their sub par performance. Three, because mediocrity
is a boost. It’s something to elevate
the ego. And it makes people feel better about themselves instead of
confronting their own inadequacies.

Can we blame the top for loving it?

Lately, I’ve been (trying) to respond to mediocrity with

Instead of lowering myself to playing a smaller game, I work harder. Instead of
settling for the cash grab, I keep purpose at the forefront. Instead of
resenting my own excellence, I take pride in getting better. Instead of allowing frustration to derail productivity and focus, I use
mediocrity as a glowing source of inspiration
. And instead of
getting angry every time I see someone on television who wouldn’t know love if
it sat on their face, I fuel that frustration into my work and keep creating.

My hope is, trusting that process will pay off.


Even though the twelve year old inside me secretly wants to scream. 


What’s your response to mediocrity?


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