Repeatedly articulate your EST

The term “unique” comes from the Latin word, unicus, which means “the only one.”

Your marketing challenge is to finish the sentence, “We’re the only company that…” or “You’ll never meet another person who…” or “I’m the only person in the world who…”

If you can do that, you’re truly unique.

If you CAN’T do that, it doesn’t mean you’re NOT unique; but rather that you haven’t pinpointed your uniqueness YET.

Because everyone possesses inherent uniqueness.

SO, THE QUESTION IS: How can you excavate (and then leverage) your uniqueness in the service of others?


Identify (and repeatedly articulate) your EST.

Yep. You heard me. EST.

Know what that stands for?


It’s not an acronym; it’s a SUFFIX.

“EST” as in –est.
“EST” as in:

Awesomest. Biggest. Brainiest. Bravest. Bumpiest. Cheapest. Choppiest. Cleanest. Closest. Coldest. Craziest. Crudest. Darkest. Deadest. Dizziest. Earthiest. Fanciest. Fastest. Flakiest. Foamiest. Frailest. Funkiest. Funniest. Grossest. Gruesomest. Grumpiest. Gutsiest. Heaviest. Hottest. Jolliest. Juiciest. Knottiest. Laziest. Longest. Loosest. Luckiest. Meanest. Mushiest. Nastiest. Nuttiest. Oddest. Prettiest. Prickliest. Proudest. Puniest. Purest. Quaintest. Quietest. Rainiest. Rarest. Raspiest. Rattiest.

“EST” as in:

Richest. Ripest. Roughest. Saltiest. Scariest. Scrawniest. Shaggiest. Shiniest. Shittiest. Shortest. Shrillest. Sillies. Slowest. Smallest. Sneakiest. Softest. Spiciest. Spiffiest. Spottiest. Squarest. Steadiest. Steepest. Stickiest. Stingiest. Straightest. Strangest. Strongest. Stupidest. Sturdiest. Swiftest. Teeniest. Tiniest. Toughest. Trickiest. Truest. Ugliest. Wackiest. Warmest. Weakest. Weariest. Wildest. Windiest.

Essentially, EST is a stronger, more specific version of the superlative best.

AND HERE’S THE GOOD NEWS: Customers can’t help but be attracted to that.

Think about it. Which one of the following sentences is stronger, from a marketing standpoint?

1. Evil Dead 2 was scary as hell!
2. Evil Dead 2 was the scariest film I’ve seen all year!

EST prevails.

1. I hear Lufthansa Airlines has really soft seats.
2. I hear Lufthansa Airlines has the softest seats in the world!

EST prevails.

Now, on some occasions, EST can be dangerous. Obviously, you wouldn’t want to position yourself as, “The Sneakiest Jewelry Salesman in Philly.”

On the other hand, smart marketing also means NOT backing away from perceived negatives. Embracing the (potential) danger of your negative EST.

For example, Ed Debevick’s is world famous for having the RUDEST wait staff in the industry. Now, one would think that a business whose primary function is service … would cringe at such a label.

But Ed Debevick’s embraces it. Their staff thrives on it. In fact, I took my girlfriend to dinner there a few years ago, just for the experience. My waitress made some comment like, “Don’t put any quarters in the jukebox sweetie – it’s as fake as that blonde hair you’re trying to pull off.”

So, that’s what they’ve become known for – being the rudest.

And, sure enough, customers from around the country (myself included) dine there for that exact reason. To be treated like crap.

Of course, Ed Debevick’s is in the extreme minority. VERY few companies can pull off that that kind of EST.

So, your marketing challenge is the combined answers to the following three questions:

1. What’s the ONE THING your company does that nobody else can touch?
2. How could you reframe, repurpose or reposition that uniqueness in the form of an EST?
3. How many different ways could you leverage that EST in your marketing so you become KNOWN for it?

REMEMBER: Everyone possesses inherent uniqueness.

Your job is to repeatedly articulate yours.

What’s your EST?

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