11 Things to Stop Wasting Your Time On

1. Stop wasting your time … advertising.
If people always hear FROM you instead of ABOUT you, you’re doing something wrong.

AS OSCAR WILDE SAYS: The only thing worse than being talked about is (not) being talked about.

2. Stop wasting your time … trying, in general.
If someone uses the word “trying” a lot, he probably ISN’T.

AS YODA SAYS: There is no try. Only do or do not.

3. Stop wasting your time … trying to prove yourself.
If YOU know you’re good enough, that’s enough.

AS BUDDHA SAYS: He is able who thinks he is able.

4. Stop wasting your time … trying to convince people.
If they don’t “get it” right away, they probably never will.

AS SETH GODIN SAYS: If you can’t explain it in 8 words or less, it’s not a good idea.

5. Stop wasting your time … trying to be better than the competition.
If you position your value correctly, you won’t HAVE any competition.

AS SCOTT GINSBERG SAYS: The best way to eliminate the competition is to not have any.

6. Stop wasting your time … dealing with people who can’t sign the check.
If they’re not the economic buyer, save your breath and move on.

AS ERIC MAISEL SAYS: Playing to the wrong crowd is dangerous.

7. Stop wasting your time … selling to people who just aren’t going to buy.
If they’re just there to kick tires, that’s cool. Greet them warmly and move on to someone else. They’ll come when they’re ready.

AS SCOTT GINSBERG SAYS: If they want you, they’ll find you.

8. Stop wasting your time … selling to people who don’t know how to value you yet.
If they’re not ready for you, they don’t deserve you.

AS DAVID ALLEN SAYS: Saying NO to the wrong person leads to saying YES to the right person.

9. Stop wasting your time … following up with people who never, ever call you back.
If they wanted you, they would have hired you already. You can only call so many times.

AS LAO TZU SAYS: Any over determined behavior produces its opposite.

10. Stop wasting your time … making people happy who aren’t in your target market.
If they’re not your ideal customer, who cares if they don’t like you?

AS MY DAD SAYS: Focus on pleasing the people who PAY.

11. Stop wasting your time … sending prospects your hideous brochures and literature.
If they get it, they will immediately store it in the circular file cabinet.

AS JEFFREY GITOMER SAYS: Your literature is puke!

What are you (no longer) wasting your time on?

For a list called “66 Questions to Prevent Your Time from Managing YOU,” send an email to scott@hellomynameisscott.com and I’ll take care of ya 😉

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