The 20 Commandments of Making a Name for Yourself

1. ABSORB thy lessons. Because we learn not from our experiences but from intelligent reflection upon those experiences. Start by making lists called, “101 Lessons I Learned from…”

2. ARTICULATE thy –est. Fastest. Slowest. Smartest. Dumbest. Tallest. Shortest. Ugliest. Cutest. Gayest. Straightest. Identify your superlative and broadcast it from the rooftops. People can’t help but be attracted to your –est.

3. ATTACK thy page. Stop procrastinating. Stop making excuses. Just write. Everyday. Sit down, open a vein and go. Keep the hand(s) moving. Make the page your bitch, but in a respectful and honorable way.
4. AVOID thy always. Figure out what everybody else is “always” doing. Figure out what everybody expects people like you to “always” do. Then do the opposite. Violate their expectations.

5. DRIVE thy business. Grow or die. Innovate or evaporate. Be distinct or become extinct. Remember what your #1 goal is. Remember what your #1 income generating activity is. Remember what your bread and butter is.

6. DROP thy drama. Save it for yo mama. Drama means emotion, and emotion means disturbance. Literally. And you don’t need to disturb; you need to deepen. Get over it. Let it go. Be objective for once.

7. ELIMINATE thy losers. Surround yourself with quality people that challenge and inspire you. Don’t waste your time with bloodsuckers that want nothing other than to sponge your brilliance. Charge them a premium for your brain or walk away.

8. EXPLORE thy depths. Meditate daily. Write daily. Penetrate your soul. Don’t just know yourself – know your Self. See how deep you can go.

9. GUARD thy time. Because if you don’t, other people will steal it from you. And it will be your fault. So, learn how to say no quickly. Hang out with people who are making money and NOT the people who want to learn how YOU make money.

10. HONOR thy practice. Because practice is religion. Practice is the secret. And practice proves that you’re actually DOING something, not just talking shit all the time.

11. HONOR thy tingles. They’re trying to tell you something. Hints. Clues. Omens. Signs. That’s what tingles are. When the hairs on the back of your neck stand up, be sure your awareness stands up as well. Erect your carriage and figure out what it is you’re supposed to be noticing.

12. KNOW thy dharma. Your purpose. You calling. The validation of your existence. The reason you’re alive. And make sure that every day, you do at least ONE THING that’s completely in line with that dharma.

13. LEAVE thy familiar. Comfort zones are overrated. You don’t learn a thing unless you’re uncomfortable. Throw yourself into the sea more often and eventually the waves will have less of an effect on you.

14. MAKE the leap. Stop making it a hobby. Stop doing it only on the weekends. Plunge into the terrifying depths and go full time. If you don’t want to make this a business, don’t bother.

15. NOTICE thy never. Figure out what everybody else is “never” doing. Figure out what everybody expects people like you to “never” do. Then do the opposite. Violate their expectations.

16. NURTURE thy nuts. If everyone says you’re nuts, you just might be onto something. And if you’re not a LITTLE nuts, you’re a putz.

17. REGISTER thy domain. Because he who owns the domain owns the idea. Because domains are currency and real estate. And if you don’t buy the domain, some snot-nosed, pot-smoking college punk WILL. And in three years, he’ll be on Oprah. And then you’ll REALLY be pissed.

18. REHEARSE the future. That way you’ll be ready for it. That way, when it happens, it will feel like you’ve done it a million times. That way, failure will become impossible.

19. REMEMBER thy breath. Breath is life. Breath is everything. And it’s especially important when emotions heighten, when discomfort increases or when the world tries to kick you in the balls. Remember: Fast heart means slow lungs.

20. SHARE thy truth. Not statistics. Not THEE answer. Your truth. Your philosophy. That which is unarguable and unshakable. That which has enabled you to be successful. What works for you that may or may not work for others.

What are your commandments?

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