Coin a New Word, Create a New World

I come from a long line of merchandisers.

Every generation of my family, going back to The Great Depression,
was in the business of promoting and selling their wares. Shoes, hard lines,
cookware, apparel, gifts, closeouts, discount goods, problem inventories, they’ve
peddled it all.

So when I started own company ten years ago, I followed suit.
The only difference was, my product was intangible. As a writer, publisher,
performer and consultant, instead of selling shoes, I sold ideas. I carried my
truth to market, every day. And that meant I had an obligation to ask one
question, over and over:

“What’s that called?”

And any time I witness something, I
name it. I give it a phrase, a brand, a title, a label, a handle, a designation,
a moniker or a signature.

For example, I wear a nametag twenty-four seven. And people are instantly
friendlier. What’s that called? Approachability.

I do this for a few reasons. Partly
because it’s in my blood. When you come from a family of merchandisers, that’s
what you do. You name things. Also, I want to do justice to the things I
notice. When I see something that’s a beautiful reminder of what could be, I
want to make it easy to share with people.

But the big reason I name things is, when you name it, you create
the category. When you create the category, you set the standard. When you set
the standard, you own the mindshare. When you own the mindshare, you become the
superior voice. And when you become the superior voice, anyone who follows will
be compared to you.

Coin a new word, create a new world.


What word do you own?


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Scott Ginsberg

That Guy with the Nametag

Writing, Publishing, Performing, Consulting

Yes, I do more than just wear a nametag all day.

My enterprise is actually quite robust. I add value to my clients in several cool ways.

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Brandtag 002: Class Is The New Quality

“Our job is to buy other people’s mistakes and remarket them as opportunities.” –Mark Ginsberg, President, CWC Inventories.

The company a long and prestigious history in the closeout industry. Frank Ginsberg, a discount retail pioneer, founded the original business in 1973. He made it possible for manufacturers to rid themselves of problem inventories quietly, without fanfare and affect to their mainstay distribution channels. Now, nearly four decades later, Closeouts With Class remains a global leader.

I sat down with their team to build a Brandtag Strategic Planning Crusade. This case study will dissect their award-winning philosophy, culture and approach to human interaction:“Closeouts were historically thought of as junk,” they said. “But everything we have is gorgeous. Even though we never fall in love with our own inventory.”

“The only thing classier than our products is our people,” Frank said. “Their excitement makes customers want to buy, and their commitment gives customers confidence to buy again and again.”

“We’re not paralyzed by the fear of failure,” Frank said. “When you believe in the business, you overcome everything. Besides, the first hundred years are the hardest.”

Whether it’s a recession, a flood, a shift in the industry or a lost palette of goods, CWC knows that you can’t eat like an elephant and poop like a bird.

“Because we’re willing to share in almost every direction, we build a bridge to our competitors,” Jim said. “We keep them in business. And by treating them like partners, they become a power source. If it was just us, it would be hard to survive.”

According to Mark, “We wanted the typo in there to make sure our customers didn’t think we were perfect.”

“A few years ago, part of our warehouse collapsed and flooded after a big storm. I was the lucky one who go to dive down under six feet of water to unplug the drain,” Tom laughed.

“When we share a personal side of ourselves,” Bruce said, “it makes customers want to pay us. If you want them to spend, you’ve got to bend.”

“Do us a favor once and we’ll be loyal forever,” said Jean. “We’ve had employees make sales from the nursery home and receive commission checks from the grave!”

“There’s no job too menial for anybody,” Jerry commented. “Every gear matters to the whole package. Independent we’re fine, but together we’re fabulous.”

“We’ve never sacrificed integrity for profit,” Frank said. “Class is a word we’ve earned by live up to it in each and every transaction.”

Big thanks to my client, Closeouts With Class! Their Brandtag Identity Collages currently hang in their front hall, board room and show rooms.

Their mission is clearly more than a statement.

How classy is your service?

To learn more about creating a Brandtag Strategic Planning Crusade for your organization, download the workflow at!

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Scott Ginsberg
That Guy with the Nametag
Writing, Publishing, Performing, Consulting

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