8 Excerpts from The Book That Will Change the World

As someone who reads five books a week, the following is going to sound like a bold statement:

I guarantee Chris Johnson’s new book, F#@% Therapy, is going to change the world.

I don’t think I’ve ever said that about a book before.

Read these eight keepers from my notes, and you’ll understand why…

1. What encroaches on your soul?

2. Once you stop wrapping your ego around unimportant work, you have options

3. To projectile vomit your bad experience onto everyone within your blast area exhibits the most vile of all human behaviors: assault on others’ happiness.

4. What kind of people does whining attract into your life? Do high caliber people whom you admire whine often?

5. There is no secret to wealth, except this: Do one thing better than anyone else. Be world class, then charge what youʼre worth. Leverage technology and creativity, and donʼt throw money at your problems. Save your money. Invest wisely in a diversified portfolio. Keep your wealth in a living trust. Mind your health, keep good faith, remembering money is a means, not an end, and wealth includes wisdom and peace.

6. Technology has made meetings irrelevant, and yet we still have them; thatʼs an embarrassment to our species.

7. Who among your cohorts sucks the energy out of every room he, or she, enters?

8. Have you given any soul-siphoning people too much claim over your time?

Wow. He’s not called Genuine Chris for nothing.

Buy F#@% Therapy here.

What book do you think is going to change the world?

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