Are You The Customer You’d Want To Have?

Nobody knows how to be good customer anymore.

learned everything there is to know about acting hospitable, establishing
comfort, building trust, anticipating needs, communicating messages, creating memories,
fixing problems, managing interactions, exceeding expectations, collecting
feedback, extending generosity and earning loyalty.

when the tables are turned, when we’re the ones being served, we suck.

trumps respect, impatience trumps appreciation, rudeness trumps understanding
and greed trumps civility. Who has time to be a good customer? Just fix it for
me. Just bring it to me. Just do what I say. I’m a very busy man and I haven’t
got all day. I am the customer, and you are here to serve me.

has got to stop.

minute we become customers, we have a certain set of responsibilities:

Pay those who serve you.Instead of trying to a squeeze
out a deal, honor their market value, pay them what they’re worth and let them
do their work. That way, you’ll get the best possible result.

Inform those who serve you.Instead of doing everything
your way, give them the information they need, the way they want it, when they
ask for it. That way, you make their job easier.

Educate those who serve you.Instead of expecting them to
read your mind, give them your expectations, make your needs clear and your
intentions obvious. That way, you won’t be surprised by the result.

Trust those who serve you.Instead of buying a dog and barking for it,give them your idea, let them
run with it and meet them on the finish line later. That way, you give them autonomy
to do what you hired them to do.

Protect those who serve you. Instead of draining resources
and wasting time, make up your mind, own your decisions and respect the
implications of those decisions. That way, they can just get on with the job.

Liberate those who serve you. Instead of arguing about what’s
possible, respect whatever hiccups in the system arise, let them do their job and
understand that they probably know the best solution. That way, nobody has to
get upset.

Thank those who serve you.Instead of getting what you
want and getting on with your life, give people three seconds of your time,
look them in the eye and show them genuine appreciation. That way, they’ll know
the work they do, matters.

Highlight those who serve you. Instead of rendering people
anonymous, be a stand for their greatness by praising them in front of those
who matter. That way, they’ll receive the recognition they deserve.

how to be a good customer.

And the
key is, we don’t do it to get better service. We don’t do it to run up the
numbers on the karmic scoreboard. We do it because it’s the right thing to do.
It’s the right way to treat people.

Be the
customer you’d want to have.


How could you be a better customer?


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