Back to the Future Questions™


What movie comes to mind when you hear those words?

Back to the Future, of course. Greatest movie of all time.

AND HERE’S THE SECRET: You don’t need a Delorian to travel through time.

All you need is a question.

A well-timed question.
A well-crafted question.
A creativity-challenging, motivation-uncovering question.

I call these Back to the Future Questions™. They work for four reasons:

First, they ENABLE people to act as if the desired changed already occurred.

1. How would you BE if you were already living your dream?
2. How would the person you hope to become do what you’re about to do?
3. How would you BE if you were sure you were going to get what you wanted?
4. How would your voice sound if you knew for sure you were going to get exactly what you wanted?

Next, they HELP people imagine what they need to become in order for their goals to manifest.

1. What will this decision look like in 10 years?
2. For your life to be perfect, what would have to change?
3. What kind of person do you definitely NOT want to become?
4. Is this experience helping you become the best version of yourself?
5. If you pursued this dream, what would your life look like in 30 days?
6. What would REAL fulfillment look like in this area if you were truly living your life purpose?

Third, they EMPOWER people to speak from the future, then look back to identify the steps that led there.

1. How do you want the world to know you 3-5 years from now?
2. What three things can you do TODAY to increase your freedom tomorrow?
3. Look ahead six months: standing there, what decisions would you make today?
4. What three small acts you could take today to prepare for the life or work that you’d like?
5. What steps need to be taken to make you feel like you’ve achieved a Return on Investment from this new endeavor?
6. What has to happen in the next year for us to be able to look back and say, “That was best possible use of our efforts”?

Lastly, they INSPIRE people to paint a compelling, detailed picture of the desired future and make meaningful strides toward it.

1. What would your life look like right now if you were truly healthy?
2. If everyone did exactly what you said, what would the world look like?
3. What are the essential features of the world you want to live in so you can be your best?
4. When you imagine living the life you want, how do you see yourself starting your day?
5. What would REAL fulfillment look like in this area if you were truly living your life purpose?
6. What if, overnight, a miracle occurred, and you woke up tomorrow morning and the problem was solved – what would be the first thing you would notice?

I challenge you to go back to the future TODAY. Try a few of these questions, or create list of your own questions.

Enable, help, inspire and empower people – including yourself – to discover the Gigawatts of Truth that lay within.

How are you taking people back to the future?

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Scott Ginsberg
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