The Art of Cheap

When the economy sucks, everyone is trying to save money.

And there’s no shortage of ways to do so.

But what about saving time? Saving energy? Saving face? Saving emotional effort?

THE REALITY IS: Saving isn’t just about spending less – it’s about becoming more.

Today we’re going to explore several areas where you can practice the art of cheap:1. Abstinence is cheaper than moderation. I’d rather say no and be done with it than gamble on the pathetic odds of self-control. That’s the thing about moderation: It doesn’t work. If it did, you’d have to take moderation in moderation. How many times are going to eat an entire bag of Oreos before you learn your lesson?

2. Character is cheaper than comfort. I’d rather honor my personal constitution than placate people’s insecurities. That’s the reality of comfort: Rarely does anyone grow in that state of being. What personal boundaries are you violating just to make other people happy?

3. Choose is cheaper than pick. I’d rather grab something good enough and move on than suffer chronic indecision just to find the best option. That’s the problem: You can’t go through life regretting every decision you make just because it’s not the best possible choice. Are you imprisoned by the tyranny of small, irrelevant decisions?

4. Conflict is cheaper than silence. I’d rather say something and cause trouble than bury my feelings and create resentment. That’s the thing about relationships: The only thing worse than saying that something’s wrong is saying nothing at all. Last time you sat down to dinner with your spouse, what did you omit?

5. Creation is cheaper than rejection. I’d rather hire myself and get to work than wait for approval to become who I am. That’s the difference maker: You can sit back and ask for permission, or you can step up act without restriction. Should you be updating your resume or finishing your business plan?

6. Curiosity is cheaper than belief. I’d rather make ruckus with my questions than make people happy by mindlessly accepting their dogma. That’s what people don’t realize: Passionately curious beats incredibly smart. Do you believe because you actually believe, or because someone told you to believe and you mindless followed?

7. Delegation is cheaper than education. I’d rather pay someone to make it beautiful than teach myself to make it mediocre. That’s what smart entrepreneurs know: When you calculate how much you’re worth per hour, everything changes. Everything. Are you trapped in the pursuit of perpetual improvement?

8. Delete is cheaper than unsubscribe. I’d rather press one button and get on with my life than wait for someone to win me back to a service I never asked for in the first place. That’s the thing about email: Ninety percent of it is nothing but a digital fidget. How many of your emails do you delete without opening?

9. Failure is cheaper than regret. I’d rather take a risk, totally bomb and end up looking like an idiot than suffer the purgatory of inaction. That’s a helpful philosophy for business and personal: Don’t be stopped by not knowing how. What regrets do you regret?

10. Forgiveness is cheaper than permission. I’d rather take action and risk being scolded than stand by for approval to do something great. That’s what drives me crazy: People who put their dreams on hold until their creative passport gets stamped by people who don’t matter. Why are you waiting to get paid to do what you love?

11. Love is cheaper than anger. I’d rather forgive people who don’t deserve it than raise my voice at people who do. That’s the fun part: If you’re willing to be unfair with your heart, it’s amazing what you can accomplish. When was the last time you loved someone anyway?

12. Meditation is cheaper than worry. I’d rather create a mental pause than waste my imagination sweating over something I don’t even care about. Too bad more businesspeople haven’t realized the secret: When you treat everything as a meditation, you’re always relaxed. Where do you go when you need to stop thinking?

13. Passion is cheaper than security. I’d rather scrape by doing what I love than get a paycheck with one eye stuck on the clock. That’s the misconception: When you make a living doing what makes your heart sing, you’re not living the dream – you’re living your dream. What if you set up a life you didn’t need to escape from?

14. Patience is cheaper than control. I’d rather wait until the job simplifies itself than ruin my day with monumental overplanning. Fortunately, I’ve finally come to terms with the following reality: Planning is procrastination in disguise. Are you still swatting a fly with a sledgehammer?

15. Permission is cheaper than advertising. I’d rather deliver predictable value to my tribe than inject unwanted noise to the masses. That’s the big aha: You don’t have to yell at people if they’ve given you permission to whisper. What group of people is anticipating your marketing?

16. Trust is cheaper than control. I’d rather give people permission to express their individuality than try to make everyone like me. That’s what I tell my clients: When you petition embed their passion into the pavement that leads the way, they arrive faster, better and happier. Who are you asking to edit themselves?

17. Truth is cheaper than consistency. I’d rather admit that I’ve changed my mind than lie to myself just to save face. That’s the affliction that crippling the corporate world: Good old-fashioned terminal certainty. Are you eating when you’re not hungry just so the food won’t have to be thrown out?

REMEMBER: Saving isn’t just about cutting – it’s about becoming.

Master the art of cheap.

What do your fears really mean?

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