Suspecting my best days are behind me

There is no proudest moment. There is no biggest disappointment. 

When we start grabbing onto something that happened, and then comparing everything else we do to that, we’re in trouble. 

Because it becomes another thing to cling to. We grip onto the past too tightly, tumbling down the egocentric trap of comparison, dwelling on the story of days past, freezing ourselves in the way we used to be. 

Meanwhile, our greatest potential withers like a pumpkin in the sun. 

What we need is to balance between present enoughness and future possibility. 

On one hand, we accept that we have already done enough in this world to be okay with who we are. Even if we were run over by a stampede of rabid mules tomorrow, we could die today without our music still in us, feeling deeply fulfilled about the story of our life. 

On the other hand, we also assume that our best work is yet to come. That we clearly have much left to contribute to this world. And that the longer we are around, the stronger we will become, and the greater impact we will have.

Sartre once wrote that every life that is cut off, even the life of so young a man, is at one and the same time a phonograph record that is broken and complete. 

Let each of us strike that balance. 

To trust that sufficient for the day are its own triumphs, and if we are blessed with the gift of tomorrow, may we give way to a new and improved self. 


What if the soul that you are has come to tackle tremendous growth?

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Scott Ginsberg

That Guy with the Nametag

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