Sugar Packets and the Magic of Mundanity

A few years back, I wrote a post about sugar packets.

At the time, Equal launched a campaign that printed clever slogans like “Ban the bland,” “In taste we trust,” and “Power to the packet,” on their packaging.

They transformed an ordinary confection into a mini billboard.

I still have the packets to this day. Better yet, my article was reprinted on dozens of popular blogs within hours of its release.

And what’s neat is, the reason I noticed those condiments was because wearing a nametag has forced me to stay focused on the ordinary. As a result, I’ve become obsessed with the unmarked. Interested in what usually goes unnoticed. Curious about the trivial aspects of everyday experience.”Considering I’ve made an entire career out of a sticker, I figure I owe it to the world to spend a little time each day celebrating the magic of the mundane.

The point is, we need participate in everything. To fascinate ourselves with the ordinary.

Mundane is the poetry of life, and it has the power to illuminate more than we know.

Watch for it.

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Now booking for 2012!

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