Suffering our way straight into heaven

Saying we deserve something feels empowering, but it’s really just entitlement in disguise. 

It’s assuming that we are the center of the universe and cosmic justice revolves around us. 

When the reality is, just because we have done the work and put in the time and paid our dues and built up our struggle points, or whatever other socially sanctioned requisite action we think will move our name higher on the cosmic credit ranking, doesn’t mean that we are suddenly entitled to anything in return. 

If our current employer, for example, has spent the last two years making us feel like an underpaid, overworked, expendable cog in their faceless corporate wheel, that really sucks, but that doesn’t mean we suddenly have earned the right to land our next job at an amazing organization with a seven figure salary and unlimited personal time off. 

Our wounds are not rewarded. We don’t suffer our way straight into heaven. There is no omnipotent hope for lordship over life. 

Nature doesn’t work that way. There is no deserving, only deciding. 

And so, we can decide to take our power and put it to work at an organization that will actually reward for doing so. But we don’t deserve that. 

We can decide that our portfolio at the last company is now part of our legacy and we are going to use the hell out of it to leverage the next position. But we don’t deserve that. 

Fuller, the legendary inventor and visionary, summarized it perfectly:

Nature is trying very hard to make us succeed, but nature does not depend on us. We are not the only experiment. 

Before we start making a list of all the things we deserve, lest we remember. The world is not our casino. 

There is no cosmic counter where we cash in our suffering chips, get handed a small receipt and redeem our heart’s desire. 


Are you manipulating the world to coincide as nearly as possible with what you think you deserve? 

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Scott Ginsberg

That Guy with the Nametag

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