Suffer hard enough and come out good on the other side

We all seem to be kicking around the same question in many different ways. 

How do we stay grounded? How do we restore our spirits when they sag? How do we maintain our center in this ocean of chaos? How do we keep our senses alive in a desensitizing and dispiriting environment? 

It really sucks. The exhaustion and overwhelm in is palpable in our words. 

And yet, maybe the answer to the noise isn’t more noise. Maybe instead of scratching ourselves bloody, we surrender to the itch and just let life tickle us for a while.

Perry’s book on addiction recovery has a brilliant meditation on this: 

Instead of trying to beat our sadness into submission, we simply accept our adverse condition and let go of all resistance to it. 

Now, this philosophy is counterintuitive to our typical western mentality, which is:

Put on your marketplace face take no prisoners never give up ain’t nobody gonna hold me down oh no we got to keep on moving. 

That’s very noble, but maybe this is not the time for fighting back. What if the most healing thing we could do right now is notice, name and tolerate our difficult feelings, and ride them through to the other side? 

Then once we get there, anticipate the return of our own spirits and faiths. 

It’s certainly not as spiritual satisfying as doubling down against the resistance and putting the axe at the root of the thing which is preventing us from getting through. 

But as my mentor used to say about writing books, sometimes staring harder doesn’t help. 


What will be your response when you are not able to easily sort out your low spirits? 

* * * *

Scott Ginsberg

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