Steal Scott’s Ideas, Issue 015: Cozzzy, Showeroke & Wipe Mitt

Ideas are free, execution is priceless.

That’s been my mantra since day one of starting my business.

It’s also the title of a book I wrote a few years back. You can download it for free here.

But here’s the problem. I’m an idea junkie. Everything I look at in the world breaks down into a collection of ideas. I have about fifty new ones every day, and sadly, I can only execute so many of them. Even if I had all the resources and all the time in the world, I still wouldn’t be able to keep up with the whirlwind of insanity that gusts through my brain.

And that’s where you come in.

I believe ideas were never meant to stay that way. And so, in this new blog series, I’m going to be publishing a sample of them on a weekly basis, in the hopes that they inspire you to (a) execute them, (b) improve them, or (c) invent something completely different.

Remember, once an idea springs into existence, it cannot be unthought.

Even if that idea is ridiculous.


Steal Scott’s Ideas, Issue 015

01. Gratisfy. Let art by they medicine.

An arts charity that gives away free supplies to creatives struggling with depression who need to heal through making things

02. Kinder Car. Fast shipping, safe parking.

A valet babysitting service for big box retailers where retired grandparents watch your kids in the car while you run into the store

03. Church Plan. Looking for a pew good men.

A placebo service that pays people to attend services at new congregations to help preserve the illusion of community, growth and momentum.

04. Fitbud. Never sweat alone again. 

A calendar and meetup up for gyms and fitness centers who want to help unmotivated members never workout alone

05. Cozzzy. Even adults need to be babied.

A delivery service that brings you cookies, tucks you in and reads you bedtime stories when you have trouble sleeping.

06. Mercurial. Take responsibility for your orbit.

A service that monitors your social media feeds and uses a language algorithm to tell you when your mood has dramatically shifted.

07. Showeroke. Lather, sing, repeat.

A waterproof karaoke machine for your bathroom for people who take singing in the shower seriously

08. Wipe Mitt. Crap without collateral damage.

A ten inch, hand held toilet paper applier that allows you to clean yourself properly and without a mess

09. Hire Ground. Vett people’s brains, not their resumes.

A talent recruitment software application that creates a social media algorithm to protect a job candidate’s attitude, mindset and communication

10. Polygameet. Stay on top of your dates.

A relationship management dashboard that helps you keep track of your various romantic partners.


How will you turn these ideas into I-dids?


For the list called, “49 Ways to become an Idea Powerhouse,” send an email to me, and you win the list for free!

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