Steal Scott’s Ideas: The Card Game

Steal Scott’s Ideas, is my new product development and innovation card game.

First it was a spreadsheet. Then some blog posts. Soon a series of corporate workshops. Later came the podcast.

And now there is a home edition.


This box was designed with a few questions in mind. 

First, how can we create shelf value? 

Let’s design this small box in a way that creates joy and intrigue for users before they even open the product. 

That’s why there are two bogus customer testimonials on each side. 

It’s hard to look away from a product like that. 

The second user experience question we asked during the design process was:

How can we make the packaging so entertaining, that even if people never opened the box to play the game, they would still feel like they got their money’s worth and be glad to own it? 

And that’s why the opposing side from the testimonials includes a series of absurd warnings. 

Who wouldn’t be proud to possess something like that? T

he final question we asked was:

What would most game creators never put on their box for fear that customers wouldn’t take them seriously? 

And so, on the top of my game, right below the logo, there’s a callout box that reads the following. 

Based on the hugely unpopular podcast and business book. 

Which is absolutely true. And also funny. Because if you want to make your audience smile, be radically honest when most people would say nothing. 

Overall, our user experience, our preshow efforts, so to speak, is what makes the game memorable and engaging. The package sets the stage for users. 

After a few seconds, users know exactly what kind of game this is. One that prides itself on its absurd unreality. 

The best part is, if the audience buys in through the experience of the box, they’ve given themselves permission to consider ridiculous, offensive or cruel ideas they might otherwise not accept while they play. 

Lesson learned, if you’re designing any kind of user experience, use the power of anticipation to frame people into the picture you want them to see. 

Only $50! To buy your copy, text me personally at 314/374-3397.


Are you a master of the choreography of attention?

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