Stay with the reader beyond the last page

Patterson, the number one selling fiction novelist of all time, gives this advice to budding fiction writers:

Don’t think about the sentences, think about the story. 

That’s been his approach to writing dozens of bestselling novels for over thirty years. Rather than showing off with snazzy sentences, he focuses on the core of the scene. And it’s that story which grabs the reader’s attention quickly, makes them hold on for dear life, and makes his characters stay with the reader beyond the last page. 

I especially love that last part:

Beyond the last page. 

It suggests stickiness. Ideas that people can’t shake from their brains, no matter how hard they try. Like the tear jerking bridge in a love song that you want to rewind and listen to over and over again. 

That’s the challenge of all mass communication. Creating big stories that are important enough to believe, remember, spread and repeat. 

Not laboring over the scholastic perfection of every word and sentence and syntax, but making sure that the spine of the story is in good shape, and trusting that the rest will take care of itself. 

Because the audience’s eyes betray them. Snazzy sentences and flashy techniques can make any message sound good. 

But as any good musician will tell you, the last thing you want is your audience to stop listening and start watching. 

Don’t think about the sentences, think about the story. 


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