Stay aware of the entire horizon

I have a songwriter friend who once complained, I’m loving the music,
but the music isn’t loving me back. I’m speaking to the universe, but the
universe doesn’t giving a damn. What the

It’s a struggle we can all relate to. The frustration of doing the
work, but having nothing to show for it. When it feels like days, weeks and
sometimes months are passing with nothing happening other than our own
continuing efforts. Ugh. 

But we must remember, the winds of business change
quickly. One day we’re sweating a dangerously low bank balance, the next day
we’re booking business faster than we can deliver it. One day we don’t feel
special enough to tell our story, the next day we’re so busy creating that we
forget to eat lunch. 

The key is not to panic. Doing so only creates an
undercurrent of anxiety that undermines whatever work we do in the meantime.
Instead, we learn how to function at a comfortable equilibrium. We learn how to
build emotional stability in any situation. And we learn how to weather
droughts through the many seasons of life. Those emotional muscles take years
to build, but when you finally realize thatdisappointments
that used to send you into an emotional tailspin now feel like minor
inconveniences, you know you’ve passed a milestone. 

The point is, true artists are buoyant enough to bounce back. They trust themselves, trust the process and
trust the marketplace. They take things seriously, but not personally. And they
remember that they’re pawns in the universe’s cosmic game of chess, and the
sooner they learn to appreciate every move, good or bad, the more enjoyable the
game will be. 


What life could you create so balance would be a given?


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