Start your workday practicing your job

I begin every day with a creative act. 

Entering into the place where I was most powerful, my own mind. 

And so, instead
of checking email or reading the news or gluing myself to my phone first thing
in the morning, I just start putting words on paper. Reflecting on my feelings,
processing the night, organizing my idea inventory, updating my victory log,
fleshing out new concepts I’m working on and picking up where I left off from
the day before. 

That’s the first hour of my day. And there are myriad reasons why
I adhere to that schedule is, but mostly, I don’t want to start off my day from
a place of lack. 

That’s what noncreative activities do to the human brain. The
whole world is based on making you feel bad about yourself so it can sell you
things that will make you feel good about yourself. It wants nothing more than
for you to wake up and immediately begin flooding your minds with outrage porn,
living vicariously through and comparing yourself to others and seeking social
validation through the infinite dopamine loop of the internet. 

Sorry, but I’m
not interested in poisoning my brain with that kind of toxicity first thing in
the morning. 

I wake up creating. I start my workday practicing my job. Those
first sixty minutes are sacrosanct and nobody can take them away from me. 


When was the last time you began your day with a creative act?


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