Spawning deep roots and sturdy wings

Adorno’s controversial book about the jargon of authenticity makes a key point about the struggle for belonging:

Shelteredness is an existential value that we all long for, and the experience of home will only come to be when it has freed itself from particularity. 

And so, for those of us curious to press on in search of where our we belong, we must open and expand and evolve our own definition of the idea. 

Because maybe home is any place where we can be ourselves without the fear of rejection. Maybe home is any personalized container within which our longing to be is fulfilled. Or maybe home is any shared context for a group of people to remember, discover and share our personal values and priorities. 

Each of these definitions have been freed from particularity. They empower us to find a way to experience home our own terms. To imagine a variety of paths by which we grow and evolve as human beings. And to advocate for the person we truly are as opposed to the one we think we’re supposed to be. 

Let nobody tell you any different. Any healthy lifestyle that brings us a sense of belonging is valid. If we grew up wanting to find home, and now we actually have one, then we won. We did it. Everything else is just a measure of degree. 

May we spawn deep roots and sturdy wings and seek home with straight eyes. 


When will you free your definition of home from such particularity? 

* * * *

Scott Ginsberg

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