Sometimes you’re too bright for your own good

I read an intriguing news story about the diamond of the century. 

It was the largest stone found in the past hundred years, and the second largest stone found in history. 

But according to gemologists, the diamond was too big to value. Weighing in at over a thousand carats, the stone was so large that it didn’t fit into conventional scanners used to evaluate a stone’s potential worth. 

And so, the appraisers were stumped. They couldn’t make a final estimate of the gem’s incredible worth. What a terrible waste. 

But then again, what a curious lesson about the paradox of marketplace value. How sometimes we’re too bright for our own good. Sometimes we’re so huge and impressive and unique and multi faceted, that we become overwhelming to the people most likely to hire us. 

It’s so frustrating. We spend all this time and money and attention trying to make ourselves appear bigger than we really are, but it works against us. 

We become victims of our own greatness. And we deprive the world of our finest work. 

The challenge, then, in putting our gifts on display to generate marketplace interest, is to make their value approachable. Appraisable. 

Big enough to matter but small enough to win. 


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