Something tiny but real

I heard an interview with a rehab counselor who made a fascinating point about generosity. 

The physician said that real giving is noticing something in someone else, and then paying homage to that. Holding a loving mirror up to their gifts and saying, wait, can’t you see how valuable this is? 

He suggested that next time we have the chance to really sit down and connect with someone, we should pay attention not just with our eyes and ears, but with our entire being. Because we’ll notice things about people that are tiny, but real. And if we connect to that and then honor that, we do something very special. 

Not just for them, but for also for ourselves. 

What a beautiful manifestation of spiritually through cocreation. Connect with others, connect with self. 

The complicated part is, most people can’t handle that kind of interaction. Being seen in that way is too unexpected and too overwhelming. And if someone isn’t used to receiving that kind of generosity, their immediate response to being seen is going to be, wait a minute, what’s your angle? What’s in it for you? 

Nothing. It’s just a better way of treating people. Kindness is more important than winning the interaction. 

Not everyone is ready for that gift, but ultimately, it’s worth the risk. Even if people feel tiny and embarrassed and shocked, sometimes we just have to pull them out of that and say, no, don’t you say anything. By giving you this gift, I stay alive for one more day. 

Remember, everyone wants to be around people who see them. 


If you were charged with being a stand for people’s greatness, would there be enough evidence to convict you?

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Scott Ginsberg

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