Showing compassion for my inevitable fallibilities

Accepting and loving and forgiving and being kind to ourselves isn’t a personal development exercise, it’s a sacred responsibility. And we must take it seriously. 

Because we can’t guarantee that anyone else will do it for us. We have to write our own ticket. Otherwise disappointment and bitterness awaits us. 

Dodinksy was right when he said, no amount of love from others is sufficient to fill the yearning that our soul requires from us. 

One area I’ve been working on is showing compassion for my inevitable fallibilities. Especially when it comes to habits and rituals and routines and practices. As disciplined as I typically am, I still have to remind myself, okay, I will attempt to live my life in this manner, but I will also attempt not to judge myself when I don’t. 

Because the reality is, I can only control the intention of the execution. Everything else I have to let go of. 

I’m reminded of an interview with a famous filmmaker who made a similar comment about the public release of his work. Spike said when he finished his last movie, he thought, okay, I’ve done everything I can do to give this as much love as I could give, and now it’s going to go off and be what it’s going to be. If it gets loved, I’ll be proud, and if it gets hated, I’ll hurt. But either way, I’ll still know that what I have done with my friends will never change. 

It’s a phlegmatic reminder our only weapon is our lack of expectation.


How well do you extend compassion towards yourself? 


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