Scott Ginsberg’s Digital Devotional Series, Book 2: Friendly Costs Nothing, But Changes Everything

When I started wearing a nametag everyday, I wasn’t trying to make money – I was trying to make a point.

Friendly doesn’t cost anything – but it
changes everything.

That was the stand. That was the movement I was starting.
And to my delight, people proved me right. Thousands of then. All around the
world. Two years later, I started my first company. Three years later, I published my first book. Five years later, I earned my first profit.

All from wearing a

Four thousand days, thirteen books and seven hundred
speeches later, I still believe that friendly is the new professional. And yet, millions of people on a daily basis are working
overtime to prove me wrong. They’re too focused on their own drama, their own
company policies their own egos to see how easy it really is to be friendly.

Because they’re too busy being professional.

Professional is just a word for brands that seek sanitize
the soul out of business. Professional is an excuse for delivering emotionless,
forgettable non-service. Professional is an altar on which personal connection is

We can’t allow the feeling of formality keep us from
communicating freely. We need to speak with soul. To talk like people talk. Love is the bell that is always ringing, and it’s time to be brave enough to hear it.

That’s worth noticing.

Please welcome to the family:

Friendly Costs Nothing, But Changes Everything
The Profitability of Treating People Like People

If you don’t have a Kindle, here’s a downloadable version for free.

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