Scott Ginberg’s Digital Devotional Series, Book 6: You’re Not There To Answer Their Questions

It’s all about increasing the probability.

Of getting noticed. Of getting remembered. Of getting what matters most.

And for a lot of
people right now, that means getting a job.

And after tens of thousands of conversations with professionals
worldwide, I’ve now written extensively on the relationship between
approachability and hireability.

This book is a compendium of that work.

Much of it comes from my regular column on If you haven’t had the
pleasure, they are the world’s largest community of professional job and job
seekers. Their amazing platform of more than four million users has secured
jobs for countless businesspeople worldwide. And because of their intelligent and
interactive community, this book has come to be.

Please welcome to the family:

You’re Not There To Answer Their Questions:

And Other Thoughts On Making Yourself More Hireable 

If you don’t have a Kindle, here’s a downloadable version for free.

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