Routinely taking risks that other people would shrink from

When we actively lobby for our interests with people who can help our career, we have to be open to support that arrives in a form we’re not crazy about. 

We have to allow people to help us in their own way and accept their help as it is offered. Otherwise we block the flow of good into our lives. 

If our second cousin introduces to a former coworker who now lives across town and wants to meet us super early in the morning at some shit hole diner, well, in the spirit of abundance and prosperity, it’s still worth pursuing. It’s still an opportunity to take action and make life better for ourselves. 

During several spats of unemployment over the years, I regret not taking those meetings. Not because they would have led to some new gig that magically changed everything, but because they would have built up my confidence and momentum during a time when my spirits were low. 

That’s the return on investment. The chance to keep moving the story forward. 

And so, if your life is in transition right now, ask yourself how open you are to support from unlikely sources. Ask yourself if your antisocial tendencies might be blocking your connection to opportunity. Ask yourself if you are routinely taking risks that other people would shrink from. 

Because that’s the stuff progress is made of. 

Saying yes to help that we don’t love, but deeply need. 


Are you enlisting and inviting others around you to support you in your healing?

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Scott Ginsberg

That Guy with the Nametag

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