Respond peacefully no matter what answer you get

One way to work through our boundary issues is to invert the interaction. 

To consider our internal experience, both physiologically and emotionally, when other people set limits with us. 

For example, do we immediately become defensive or embarrassed when people tell us their boundaries? Or can we calmly let others draw lines in the sand without begrudging their integrity? 

Does something inside our stomach get put on alert when people are firm with us? Or are we inspired and honored when somebody loves us enough to teach us how to treat them? 

It all goes back to expectations. If we create a story inside our heads about what we think people owe us, then any boundary set with us will cause resentment. Our bodies will tighten. Our emotions will heighten. And the relationship will have unnecessary tension. 

But if we empty our mind of all the expectation, not intending to fix or save or change people, then we have ample space inside to respond peacefully, no matter what answer we get. 

That’s the thing about boundaries. Some people have a hard time saying the word no, and some people have a hard time hearing the word no. It’s a two way street. 


What happens inside your body when people set boundaries with you?

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Scott Ginsberg

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