Reaching for something that’s already inside ourselves

If we’re just a collection of mirrors reflecting what everyone else expects of us, then our dreams will find themselves reduced to a mere parenthesis. 

But once we’re not dying to be accepted anymore, and once we don’t have to pretend to be fearless anymore, we can finally trust that being ourselves will be enough to get the love we need. 

It’s goddamn liberating. Not to mention, significantly lower in labor intensity. Imagine how much energy we burn running down approval alley each day. Going to great lengths to remind everyone around us just how busy and successful and in demand we are. 

That’s not authenticity, that’s public relations. What a waste of calories. We’re seeking approval from an invisible body that can’t grant us what only we can grant ourselves. 

When the reality is, it’s on us. It’s all on us. We are the ones who decide if we are accepted or not. We are the arbiters of our own membership to this club called the human family. There is no committee. There is no governing body. Just the three pounds of glorious meat inside our heads. 

Once we come to terms with that, not only do we step into our own power, but on a more practical note, we literally get more things done. It’s the economy of effort. When we’re no longer slowing our lives down to a speed at where we can gain approval for everything, we free ourselves up to execute our most meaningful work. 


Once you stop reaching for something that’s already inside yourself, what might become possible for you?


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