Reach less people more deeply

You can’t scale yourself. 

Even if you could, you wouldn’t want to. Because unless you have buckets of cash, an endless supply of energy, or a human cloning machine, scaling yourself is not a sustainable strategy. 

It might work for a few years or even a decade, but eventually it’s going to catch up with you. 

Let’s back up for a minute. Why do you want to scale in the first place? 

To unlock your ability to make an impact, or because scaling is the hot thing to do right now and bigger is always better and anything less than shooting the moon with your brand would be viewed as a weakness? 

Remember, metrics can be gamed. Impact can’t. Perhaps we should base our success on that. 

My mentor, an educator and preacher, once told me that if you want to help the greatest number of people, just become an example. William always used to say that he could have been a global celebrity if he really wanted to, he could have grown his brand to reach a mass audience, but he opted out of scaling. Because that would have been misaligned with his vision and values. 

Being an example was more important to him. 

Doesn’t that approach sound so much more organic and less labor intensive than world domination? 

Imagine, rather than trying to scale ourselves, we could aim to reach less people more deeply. 

In a world where we have fetishized scaling, it sounds awfully satisfying to me. 


Does your ability to make an impact necessarily depend on size?

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Scott Ginsberg

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