Prosecute myself for crimes past

When I think back to all the nonsense I spent so long giving a shit
about, all the redundant and petty ego vortexes that frittered away my time and
money and energy, it’s hard not to become frustrated. 

It’s hard not to
prosecute myself for crimes past. 

I recently stumbled across an invoice from a
decade ago. It was the bill from my web development company, who charged me
fifteen thousand dollars to design my new website. Which, at the time, was
cheap. And the product came out beautifully. 

Smash cut to ten years later, and
I’m rebuilding that same website for a fourth of the cost, and the quality is
ten times better. It’s astounding. 

But instead of celebrating this amazing new
technology and dreaming about what it will make possible for my business, I’m
still kicking myself for a check I wrote ten years ago. 

Thankfully, my web
developer calmed me down. She reminded me that every one of her clients says
the same thing. Every one. 

And so, it’s a complete waste of time throw our line over the wall of the past and
see what we can catch. It’s not worth the beating. 

Regret is just a
punishment we administer to ourselves

Truth is, we are who we decide to move forward as, not what we have done in the
past. And if we are to think clearly about the future, we need to clean up the
language we use in labeling our behaviors in the past. 


Are you prepared to let the past die and let the future take care of itself?


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