Project management software for your emotions

When we have number of different feelings, thoughts and emotions running simultaneously, it’s really difficult to manage them all. 

Because our psychological bandwidth can only cope with so many components before the emotional malaise engulfs us and starts overloading our system. 

And so, instead of trying to manage them all, we should manage them one by one. Sounds like a perfect opportunity to introduce my latest technology innovation. 

Feelz is a project management software application for human emotion. This new app has the capacity to help you notice, name, compartmentalize and manage your psychological well being. 

Next time you’re feeling overwhelmed, open up the app. Scroll through your emotional vocabulary list and begin selecting words that best express how you’re feeling in the moment. 

Next, the app will group your emotions into folders. These are your projects. Each folder has customizable fields where you can jot down thoughts, action items, questions, ideas, reminders and any other relevant content relating to that particular emotion. 

The project dashboard allows you to visualize the full diversity of your current emotional landscape, so you can feel organized and in control and ready to take action. 

Feelz puts the compartmentalization of your emotions at your fingertips. It gives you a platform for maintaining emotional control, one feeling at a time. There’s even a resource bank filled with meditations, affirmations and other therapeutic tools to make sure you don’t drown in your moods. 

Available wherever apps are sold. 

Remember, the more effectively we learn to compartmentalize our emotions, the less likely they are to come out through the cracks in unhealthy ways. 

Next time you start feeling all the feels, don’t try to manage them all. 

Manage them one by one.


What overwhelming feelings do you have no healthy coping mechanism for?  

* * * *

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