The Problem with Compartmentalization

How do we balance it all?

It’s not just productivity, creating environments free from distraction that open up our capacity to start and finish what matters.

It’s not just structure, building regiment and blank time into our schedule that allow us to alternate between focus and freestyle.

It’s not just energy, expanding our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bandwidth so we can support the exertion life requires.

It’s not just permission, refusing to addict ourselves to preparation, planning, perfection, proficiency and permission.It’s not just identity, knowing who we are, what we do and why we matter, so decisions are easier and quicker.

It’s not just commitment, jumping in with both feet and playing for keeps so discipline becomes a non-issue.

It’s not just persistence, relentlessly ignoring voices that don’t matter and feedback that isn’t helpful to our journey.

It’s not just diversification, allocating our creative attention to a broad range of symbiotic endeavors.

The big win is when we stop with the boxes. When we realize that living a logically divided, perfectly compartmentalized existence isn’t sustainable or realistic.

That way, everything is everything, all the time, everywhere.

And there’s nothing to balance.

What boxes do you need to eliminate?

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