Pretending that upsetting facts don’t exist

When companies are sinking into the financial mire, consultants pull them out. 

But only if they allow them to. 

That’s the astonishing part. Because the founders of these organizations, who are typically wealthy, successful, high achieving white males over the age of fifty, are rarely willing to admit the company has a problem. 

That’s why they pay consultants handsomely to build up the facade of an enterprise that deep down, they both know is cracking at the foundation. They’d rather go down with the ship. 

As usual, then, their problem is not their problem. There’s always something deeper and more insidious. It’s less financial and more psychological. 

Which is a great lesson for any of us to learn, even if we don’t run a million dollar operation. 

Sinclair was right when he wrote that it’s impossible to make a man understand something when his salary depends on him not understanding it. And so, our challenge is to be more open minded to humility. To be prepared to abandon our beliefs at any moment. To replace the false shield of pride with one of vulnerability. And to fly in the face of what we see with our eyes. 

Because they betray us. They merely kneel at the central computer of the brain. What we allow ourselves to see is nothing more than an artificially constructed narrative of perception. 

A helpful tool for imprinting a set of new beliefs into our system is to deepen our relationships with challenging people. To surround ourselves with individuals who will not only hold up a loving mirror to our thoughts, but who will also call bullshit on the thoughts are too convenient to be killed. 

Do you have enough people in your life to play that role? 

Whenever we resist killing our own beliefs, it’s usually because we’re thinking small. Whenever we lack the willingness to see the truth, it’s because the truth threatens something that we care about. 

Remember, there’s nothing more exhausting than pretending that upsetting fact don’t exist. 

Sticking our fingers in our ears and repeating, I’m not here, this isn’t happening, isn’t helping the situation. 

Perhaps it’s time to bristle against some of your own beliefs. 


What are pretending not to know?


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