Persevere the plane right into the ground

Reis’s groundbreaking system on lean startups makes the argument that there is no bigger destroyer of creative potential than the misguided decision to persevere. 

It’s the kind of obstinate thinking that leads many entrepreneurs to successfully execute plans that lead nowhere, as opposed to identifying the right product to build. 

But we don’t have to start a business to fall victim to this trap. 

All of us face commitment bias somewhere in our lives. 

It’s the very human tendency to want to stay consistent with what we have already done. To stubbornly stick to our initial opinions, options or actions. After all, commitments make us feel like we have honor. 

Like the person who stays at shit job or with a toxic spouse or in a crappy neighborhood because he prides himself on sticking things out. 

That was my modus operandi for many years. Persevering the plane right into the ground, all in the name of commitment. Because it was more important for me to play the role as someone who was consistent with himself, rather than actually live the life as someone who was true to himself. 

How romantic. 

But that’s the thing nobody tells us is. Just because we’ve begun down one path doesn’t mean we’re committed to it forever. Persevering to the point of obsession might make for a cute movie, but in the nonfiction world where life’s disappointments accrue faster than we can find external forces to blame them on, pivoting might be the smarter, healthier and cheaper path. 

Lefsetz said it best: 

Professionals cut their losses, whereas amateurs keep persisting, believing that their passion and personal stamina will somehow make a difference. 


What is your love for this thing making you blind to about this thing?

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