Perception is only reality when we allow it to be

Mirrors help small spaces breathe. 

Often used
in restaurants and hotels, they help create the illusion that a room is larger
than it really is. 

It’s the oldest trick in the decorating book. Especially if
for those who live and work in tight quarters. Visual manipulation is the
easiest way to fool the human eye. 
From a hospitality and real estate standpoint,
one or two large mirrors can go a long way. 

Who doesn’t love thinking they have
more square feet, height and light than they paid for? 

But perception is only
reality when we allow it to be. 

Think about the last time you walked into a
restaurant, took a glance around the room and marveled to yourself, wow, this
place is slammed,
only to notice your own reflection staring back at you in the

Woops. Guess there is no other group of people on the other side of the
buffet. There is no dimensionality there. It’s just a play of light. It’s quite
a jarring and illuminating moment for the human psyche. 

Davincistudiedthis principle with his perpetual motion
machine, calling it the inevitable loss of momentum in a system when it rubs
against reality. 

It sounds daunting, but it’s ultimately a healthy thing. When
you experience this transition from seeing a whole world of objects, people, events
and concepts, back to yourself as the sole center of it all, you start to relax
your model of reality. Because you now know that so much of what you thought
was the world was just a reflection. 

It was a story you told yourself about the
way things were, or the way you wanted things to be. And then you got mugged by

Give thanks for these moments. Anytime you are lurched through the
curtain of reality, you come out on the other side a more conscious person. And
that is the essence of what it means to be human. 

Keen wrote in hisapologyfor wonder that reality is a gift, a delight
and a surprise, an excessive superabundant cafeteria of delight. 

Dinner is
served and so it begins. 


How much of your reality are you allowing to be perception?
* * * *

Scott Ginsberg

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