People who secretly want to punch us in the face

Susanka writes in her groundbreaking book that a discordant or unwelcoming entry sequence convinces us that we don’t like the house even before we have set foot in the door. 

We simply dive in without any consideration of the path we are taking, she says. And the experience of entering our own inner world may takes some time if it’s done properly, but once we have set up the process, each time we enter, we will be welcomed by the same sense of wholeness and integrity that we set in motion with your first explorations. 

As an architect, she uses the language of house design and construction. But the broader message is about how we inhabit our lives, how we define home for ourselves, and how we carry that experience with us everywhere we go. 

No matter how quirky or bizarre it appears to other people. 

My friends and colleagues secretly want to punch me in the face when they hear about my daily routines. But routine works for me. It’s what gives my soul a sense of warmth, ensures that my days have a cadence and rhythm and put me into contact with my own capacity for devotion, which ultimately helps me stay fulfilled. 

People can roll their eyes all they want, but building a clean and harmonious user interface for my brain is what manipulates my energy most meaningfully. 

This is about wholeness. This is about knowing who you are, knowing why you are, and knowing how to remind yourself of that everywhere you go. 


Do you have a system for loving the house before you set foot in the door?* * * *

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