Once you start noticing, the whole world just comes falling at you

I have a curious constitution. 

I am vitalized by the world of ideas and turned on by brilliance. I am hungry for insight into the nature of things. I am obsessed with finding wisdom from unexpected sources. I love the thrill of finding a pattern beneath life’s complexities. I relish the process of interrogating information and sniffing for kernels. 

I enjoy using curiosity to disrupt my own point of view. I get a bolt of energy from noticing partial truths beneath which lie far more nuanced realities. I receive joy from metabolizing even the smallest events or situations into breakthroughs in thinking and action. I fancy using new insight to widened the dimensions of my world and intensify my participation in life. I love meeting somebody new and pulling every piece of insight I can out of them. 

And I am perpetually on the lookout for the next tiny, seemingly innocuous detail that triggers a whole new world of understanding. 

Because I believe that many of the most meaningful moments of life are moments of insight. And that once you start noticing, the whole world just comes falling at you.

If you want to develop a hypersensitive relationship to the world, try this. 

Say yes to every single tiny clue of curiosity that you notice around you. When you stumble upon something interesting, don’t just look at it, look through it to a world beyond. Pick it up, pull it apart and point it out. Ask dumb questions. Find the thing behind the thing. Ponder the experience and wonder if it points to a more general principle. 

And let the resulting insight send a charge of electricity down to your toes. 

Because the world is an incredible place for curious people.


What did you discover yesterday?


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