People are at their most when they’re least aware

Watch individuals closely, and it’s always those rare, unguarded moments when they shake off the chronic constraints of the conscious mind, attain an inner posture of detachment and completely surrender all sense of self. 

That’s where the real magic happens. 

Scientifically, it’s a variation of the observer effect, which states that the act of observation has an effect on the phenomenon being observed. 

In this case, it’s the act of unawareness, the lack of watching one’s own behavior and surroundings, that has a positive effect on the moment. 

In the absence of striving and trying and posturing and labeling, somebody does something amazing. And they don’t even realize it. Because they’re not trying. Trying would contaminate the result. 

What’s more, they’re not stressing about being surrounded by the apparent unsatisfactoriness of life. It’s just pure presence. 

I’ve been busking the park by my house for several years now. And what I’ve noticed is, the most virtuosic moments tend to happen when my eyes are closed, my hands are flying, my feet are stomping, my lungs are empty and my ego has completely checked out of the world. Pure presence. 

And although it’s a hard thing to sustain in every moment, it’s worth returning to every chance you get. 


How do you get your mind to let go of itself? 


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