Pay people to care for you

I think of myself as a deeply caring and thoughtful and passionate person.

But I also know that I can’t care about everything. My heart has limits. That’s the way the economy of effort works. It runs on the fuel of selective indifference. Efficiency is about being discerning enough not to dwell on meaningless matters, conserving your best energies for your creative efforts and outsourcing all the heavy lifting third parties. 

I remember the first time my mentor challenged me to calculate my hourly rate. That exercise transformed my perception of work forever. Because once I knew how much money one hour of my time was worth, I started becoming a lot more protective of my time, my talent and my heart. Once I realize that for everything I hated, there was someone out there who loved to do it, I started paying people to care for me. And the psychology liberation I felt was sublime. 

Now, I can care with my whole heart. Now, I can extricate myself from chickenshit tasks and direct my creative energies exclusively into the highest value activities. 

Keep in mind, however, delegation isn’t a panacea. Sometimes deletion is a better choice. Sometime the best way to outsource something is to eliminate the need for it in the first place. 

If you can’t delegate, obviate. 


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