Outsource the heavy lifting

Deciding what we want is the most important work we will ever do. 

Unfortunately, it’s also the most difficult work we will ever do. Commitment, after all, is a scary moment. It means the death of other choices. It means the risk of failure and rejection and embarrassment. 

And so, any time we have to act with decisiveness, it’s helpful to make the process of deciding less intimidating. One of my clients needed to create a logo for her new brand. But since it was her first time starting a business, she had no idea where to begin. And the weight of possibility was starting to overwhelm and paralyze her. 

My suggestion was to make the decision making process easier on herself by reverse engineering her desire. By entering through the back door. For less than twenty dollars, for example, she could contract three illustrators from a micro freelancing website to quickly and cheaply mock up logo designs for her. And from those prototypes, she could figure out what she wanted through the process of elimination. 

That’s the benefit of paper. Attempting to physically draw out an idea automatically surfaces its weaknesses and complexities. It shows you what’s wrong with your thinking and what’s right with it. And it brings your idea to life in a way that thinking about it can’t. 

My client tried this approach, and she found that it significantly lowered the threat level of her logo design. Ultimately, by outsourcing the heavy lifting of that decision to a third party, she was able to focus her energies on more important tasks. 

Proving, once again, that decisiveness is the antidote to a lifetime of misery. 


Are you more concerned with making the right decisions or making decisions right?


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