Our sweetest dreams will not be stolen from us

The idealist in me believes that nobody should have their dreams deferred, but the realist in me remembers that eventually, everybody gets their dreams disrupted by the uncompromising forces of reality. 

The question, then, is how do you deal with a changing dream? What story do you tell yourself when you discover that you don’t want what you used to want? 

Hayes famously said that dreams don’t die, they’re just sewn into the fabric of our ambition as we weave greater ones. It’s a perfect reminder that we don’t control reality, but our perceptions and expectations and interpretations do influence it. 

And so, we dream, but we also allow ourselves the freedom to evaluate new opportunities as they present themselves. We dream, but we also remind ourselves to take into consideration our ever growing set of assets and values and desires. We dream, but we also give ourselves permission to course correct as the world changes and as we adapt and evolve. We dream, but we also face the fact that we might have to readjust our dream until it reflects something that satisfies us when we put our head on the pillow. 

No guilt. No regrets. No judgments. And no beating ourselves up for dreaming in a new direction. Doing so doesn’t make us disloyal to our desires, it makes us respectful of our humanity. Because as the dreamer changes, so changes the dream. 

What matters is that our dream functions more as compass pushing us forward, rather than an actual destination. That’s how we maximize the joy of the journey. That way, should we come to the end of our dream and discover that we have nothing to show for it, we realize what really matters. That we had it in the first place. 


Are you forcing yourself to live out a dream even though you’re not the same person you were when you first had it?


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