Our genuine moral ambition

Nobody has a monopoly on joy. 

It hides everywhere. Often in plain sight. Following us like a shadow. 

Life is bursting at the seams with it, and each one of us has the ability to extract this most precious gift from the world, even from sources that were not intended for us at all. 

But we have to orient ourselves toward it. We need agency over it. We must point our hearts and bodies and brains in the direction of it. And that means allowing ourselves to spend real stretches of time tending to those innermost joys. 

Res severa verum gaudium, as the philosophy goes. True joy is a serious thing. 

I’ve been thinking about this more and more as I grow older. Because the face of the emotional behemoths life hurls at us, like death and loss and sadness and disappointment and suffering, few pursuits seem more pressing than tirelessly defending our capacity for, appreciation of, and ability to distribute joy. 

That experience, the one which accompanies the fulfilling of our highest nature as human beings, should be our genuine moral ambition. 

Otherwise the tendency to deceive ourselves regarding all we wish for becomes far too strong to overcome. 


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