Orient yourself toward that which delights you

When I was going through a messy breakup, the best advice my therapist gave me was, keep pulling your triggers for joy

That sentence single handedly allowed me to create light in an otherwise dark time. 

And of course, it’s not only helpful in the moments when your heart is breaking. Pulling your triggers for joy is a daily practice that’s fundamental for a meaningful life. 

For example, the moment I step into the airport, I see thousands of fellow travelers who make me think, wow, joy can get no grip on these people. 

And that’s why I sing eighties pop songs on the way to the gate. Loud and proud. Even if people give me weird looks. I don’t care. Joy is flooding my veins, and they hate their lives. 

How often do you announce to yourself that you’re on the lookout for joy? Start pulling your triggers today:

Have some agency over joy. 

Defend your capacity for wonderment. 

Appreciate the value of your own thrills. 

Orient yourself toward that which delights you. 

Allow the expression of your full arousal constellation. 

Embrace what resonates with the needs and natures of your soul. 

Give yourself permission to spend time tending to the things that bring you genuine pleasure. 

These pursuits are not indulgent. They’re not shameful. They’re not guilty pleasures. And they’re not selfish. 

They are the primary paths to aliveness. They are the tools for restoring our capacity to enjoy existence.

Res severa verum gaudium. 

True joy is a serious thing. 


When was the last time you wrote down the exact kinds of thrills that were calling to you?


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