Open ourselves into the maelstrom winds of possibility

We capable of changing everything if we choose. 

But we should also never underestimate how difficult the process of change is. 

Each of us has a deep aversion to abandoning something that we believe is working for us. Even if we claim that we really do want to change, odds are, the majority of us would rather justify staying the we are. 

Because unlike computer software, where all we have to do is click on the installation icon, wait for the setup program to load, enter in the product key, press start, and watch the slick new update switch over before our very eyes, unshelling the current operating system of our life and installing a new one is a much messier, longer and harder process.

But it does often initiate with some kind of realization. Some kind of holy shit moment. 

Ten years into my career, the clarifying moment went something like this:

Oh wow, my plan is not working anymore, and my current source of power, successful as it has made me, has now become more trouble than it’s worth. 

And hell, that was only the beginning. It took another few years to figure out how to redirect that dysfunctional energy into a new way of being, plus the startling assortment of small parts, false starts and broken hearts that happened along the way. 

At some point, though, we all have to be willing to accept the limits of our model of reality. We have to open ourselves into the maelstrom winds of possibility and think to ourselves, oh hell yes, this could be the genesis of a new way of being. 

Are we willing to do the work required to enact real change? Not just bullshit window dressing change, putting the same old poison in a new bottle, but real and holistic and ontological transformation? 

We are certainly capable, that’s for sure. 

Will, on the other hand, is a very different thing.


What has always been heroic about your behavior in the past that is now preventing you from being effective?

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Scott Ginsberg

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