Only now are we gathering apples from the tree he planted

The beautiful thing about trees is, they trust without question that their leaves will regrow. 

That’s why they gently let them go when the season comes to an end. Their faith in the wind, the soil, the roots, the sun, the rains, and of course, the passage of time, is what allows future blossoms to come. 

Human beings could learn a thing or two from the trees. Because for many of us, our tendency is to get stuck in an endless cycle of replaying glory days. Traveling in a time machine and patting ourselves on the back, as opposed to courageously shaping a new life worthy of our past successes. 

Or, as my comedian friend likes to say, you don’t actually have to change your life, you just have to find somebody with a lower standard to make you feel good about yourself. 

But the trees remind us to believe in our own power to grow. To let go of our past accomplishments when the time is right. To reinvent ourselves with each new season that comes to pass. 

And it’s nothing personal, either. As they say in recovery, a seed doesn’t betray other seeds when it grows into a flower. 

The good news is; change is taking place everywhere at every moment. It’s not a matter of when, but how. 

Which means we have a choice. We can steer the strong winds of change to match our evolving aspirations and priorities, or we can hold onto the past with angry bite. 

We can get weighed down trying to do the impossible, or we can mindfully attend to the parts of our lives over which we actually have agency. 


Does your past success lead to future complacency?

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Scott Ginsberg

That Guy with the Nametag

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