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The phrase, to come into your own, means to reach a stage of development or maturity where you achieve strength and confidence and social acceptance. 

It’s when people finally recognize you as independent and capable, usually after much effort and time. 

Notice the last part. After much effort and time. 

Meaning, for those who wish to speed up the maturing process, you’re out of luck. Because you cannot rush that journey. Especially when working with a team. The inevitable process of dues paying and stripes earning takes more time than you’d like it to. 

And the hard part is, there is no milestone marker. Nobody will come and sit you down after ninety days and inform you that you are now magically accepted to the group. 

It’s your responsibility to feel it out. 

One indicator that you might be coming into your own is the intersection of internal joy and external need. It’s when people start reaching out to you as the point person for certain tasks. As the go to guy who that solves a real, urgent, expensive and pervasive problem, but also lights up with satisfaction while solving it. 

Treat as it an inbound lead, but from your own team. 

As opposed to the overeager person who exaggerates their real capabilities in order to please people. That’s just spam. 


What are people tapping you on the shoulder for? * * * *

Scott Ginsberg

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