Nurture a landscape of opportunity

My grandfather has worked in the closeout business for more than forty years. Back in the early seventies, his company became a discount retail pioneer by becoming one of the first wholesalers to make it possible for manufacturers to rid themselves of problem inventories quietly. As he was fond of saying, his job was to buy other people’s mistakes and remarket them as opportunities. 

Growing up, this philosophy trickled down the family tree. Each one of us developed a strong opportunity agenda. 

We learned how to stay alert to opportunities that presented themselves, remembering that he who watches for opportunity, sees a show everywhere. 

We learned how to activate the right frame of mind to pursue them as they arose, remembering that opportunities are what we define them to be, and they are as big or small as we want to make them. 

We learned how to quickly and aggressively bit into opportunities, remembering that there’s a discipline needed to turn excitement into action. 

We learned how to recast problems and failures and disappointments into advantages for ourselves, remembering to find the silver lining in every situation. 

And we learned how to keep the door of opportunity open forever, remembering that we shouldn’t have to talk ourselves into things. 

Ultimately, our family’s collective opportunity agenda, our sacred practice of second order imagination, enabled each of us to become successful in our own unique way. 


Who taught you how to how to notice, pursue and leverage opportunity?


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