Nothing more than a coping mechanism in disguise

Few things are
more frustrating than feeling mysteriously

Experiencing that sudden surge of disinterest towards a project or an
endeavor that deflates your energy, derails your momentum and disheartens your
spirit without fair warning. Blech. 

The good news is, there are questions you
can ask yourself to uncover the purpose of your depletion. Because whatever
you’ve stopped working on might be a hopeless endeavor, on the other
hand, it might be the moment right before success. It all depends on how
deep you’re willing to dig. 

Here’s one question that helps me understand myself
a little bit more during such situations: 

Does this project serve a real
purpose, or is it just a response to anxiety? 

More often than not, it’s the
latter. Especially when money is tight, inspiration is low and pressure is

My racing brain, out of ego preservation, triggers an unproductive
obsession that’s nothing more than a coping mechanism in disguise. An anxiety
response to my fear of failure. 

And that’s okay. I try not to judge myself for
chasing false refuge. I try to have compassionate, being softly and kindly
present with my open wounds. After all, false refuge provides an immediate sense
of comfort and security. Who could resist? 

And so, I put a supportive arm
around my shoulder instead of hitting myself over the head. I use creativity
enhancing tools like project junkie,
which is a brainstorming framework you can use when intuition and inspiration
take the day off. 

And then I get back to work making meaning in the world. 


How do you respond when you experience a sudden surge of disinterest? 


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